Sister School: 42 Years Welcoming TGU Students

Thirteen visitors from Ursinus sister School Tohoku Gakuin University of Sendai, Japan, are learning about American culture in classes on ethics, international relations, African American history, photography, water quality in Pennsylvania streams, and Philadelphia history.

TGU Students

Students from Tohoku Gakuin University are completing a photography project making bookbags.

The American Studies Program at Ursinus College is in its 42ndyear. The residential program will end Saturday, Aug. 11, with a visit to the U.S. Constitution Center in Philadelphia, and a dance class with Ursinus 2010 alumnus Roger Lee, founder of Roger Lee Dance.

Paula Alvarez and Melissa Hardin of the International Studies Office are coordinating the program; Yvonne McCathy of the Modern Languages Department is teaching conversational English.

“Exchange relationships can be challenging to balance, but this long-standing partnership has made it possible for hundreds of Ursinus and TGU students alike to learn about the host institution culture,” said Melissa Hardin, Assistant Dean for International Studies.”We are grateful for the efforts that TGU makes to welcome our students to Japan and we hope that TGU students get a small taste of Ursinus campus life during the brief American Studies summer program on our campus.”

Each year in a companion program, Ursinus students spend five weeks in May and June in a Japanese Studies program at TGU. The students spend the next week at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster.


One thought on “Sister School: 42 Years Welcoming TGU Students

  1. As Director of Marketing for Panasonic USA, I made many, many visits to Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Nigata, Japan. During one of my trips, I had the wonderful opportunity of visiting Tohoku Gakuin University. It was a lovely visit, and I’m thrilled that some of its students will be visiting my alma mater, Ursinus College.
    I know you will find your visit enjoyable, and will add to your font of knowledge.
    As a graduate of Ursinus, Class of 1957, I welcome you and wish you a wonderful stay, and an enjoyable learning experience.

    Konnichiwa !!!
    Charles Law
    Class of 1957

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