Sustainable Move-Out Relies on Partners, Participation

As students move off campus, 10 thousand pounds of usable items end up in landfills each year. At Ursinus, however, the Office of Sustainability’s Sustainable Move-Out program, entering its fifth year, keeps reusable and recyclable items from ending up in the landfill. This year faculty and staff also can donate clothing to the Move-Out tents.

From May 9 to 17,  five tents will be located around campus, serving as collection centers for unwanted clothes, shoes, sheets, towels, bookshelves, couches/futons, electronics, decorations, appliances and more.

Students faculty, and staff don’t just donate; they can take things as well. The tents will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily. Smaller tents will be taken down every night, but will return each morning, and the large Move-Out tent will be up for the entire week.

“The success of this program cannot be understated,” said Sustainability Coordinator Brandon Hoover. “From 2010, Sustainable Move-Out’s first year, to 2013, Ursinus students donated truckloads of clothing, couches, food, and other miscellaneous items to local thrift stores and community service organizations. In addition, the College recycled several TV’s, mini refrigerators, and other electronics. Each year we hope to divert a larger portion of our waste from the landfill to new homes (maybe yours!) or recycling centers.

“We need the entire Ursinus community to both give and take items,” he said. “Sustainable Move-Out relies on the efforts of volunteers as well as facilities and residence life staff to make the program a success.”

Every year, all items that remain after graduation are donated to local and regional organizations. This year all clothing, shoes, and other textiles will be donated to Clothes for Kid’s Sake, a non-profit that partners with the United Way. These items will be used in thrift stores around the region, and proceeds will benefit the United Way of Southeastern Pa. Additionally, new homes are found, whenever possible, for refrigerators, air conditioning units, televisions, speakers, microwaves, fans, clocks, and other electronics. Items like furniture are taken to Liberty Thrift, Goodwill or the Salvation Army.

More information on the Sustainability Move-Out is here.