Ursinus Denounces ASA Boycott

President Bobby Fong and Chair of the Board of Trustees Alan Novak have signed a statement rejecting the American Studies Association’s resolution endorsing an academic boycott of Israel:

In December, the American Studies Association passed a resolution calling for an academic boycott of universities in Israel in protest of that country’s abridgement of Palestinian freedoms. But it is a contradiction to advocate for freedom by suspending academic freedom. Such boycotts contravene an essential purpose of the academy: to promote free thought and expression through dialogue and scholarly exchange. Criticism, whether of Israel or the American Studies Association, has a place in campus discourse. It is through dialogue with those whom one disagrees that we can forge understanding and change. As a college committed to critical thinking and the cultivation of judgment, Ursinus College rejects the ASA resolution and affirms the place of untrammeled inquiry on campus and scholarly collaborations and exchanges between academic institutions.

Bobby Fong, President
Alan Novak, Chairman of the Board of Trustees

One thought on “Ursinus Denounces ASA Boycott

  1. Historically, I must assume that Ursinus would have opposed an academic boycott against Nazi Germany and Apartheid South Africa. Let’s face it, you’re not alone in your indifference to the rights of disadvantaged racial groups and occupied indigenous people. KKK, Skinheads, Ursinus College….

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