Walk, Bike or Drive? At Ursinus, Most Take the Car to Work

The Office of Sustainability surveyed the Ursinus faculty and staff in October 2013 about their commuting habits. The purpose of the survey was to collect data for the College’s greenhouse gas inventory. Ursinus is obliged to report semi-annually on its GHG emissions as a signatory of the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment. The response rate for the survey was 53 percent overall with 57 percent of faculty responding and 50 percent of staff responding.

The survey results showed 87 percent of respondents always drive in private cars (80 percent of faculty respondents and 93 percent of staff respondents); It showed that 9 percent of all respondents walk or bike to work most of the time (12 percent of faculty respondents and 7 percent of staff respondents) and that four percent of respondents take public transit or carpool most of the time (8 percent of faculty respondents and 1 percent of staff respondents).

Additionally, the survey showed that 15 percent of respondents walk or bike, primarily as a secondary mode of transportation, between two times to less than one time per week (13 percent of faculty responded and 16 percent of staff responded).

This represents an opportunity: while faculty and staff who live far away do not have an option to walk or bike for the most part, those who can do so – even some of the time – could walk or bike more frequently. It’s fun, healthy and good for the planet!

We encourage all Ursinus community members to walk or bike to work whenever possible, including students. Another advantage of walking or biking to work for those participating in the NewU Wellness program? It counts as a credit!