What Kind of Bear Are You? Office of Sustainability Green Living Certification

The Office of Sustainability is introducing a pilot program for students: Green Living Certification! If you’re wondering what your “green rating” is as a UC bear, this is the survey for you. We have four levels of certification: Sun Bear, Black Bear, Panda, and Grizzly (in order of difficulty). The survey is designed to encourage sustainable actions across campus – in residence halls, classrooms, the dining hall, bathrooms, even walking around campus! The message is that sustainability touches everything we do, and we hope Green Living Certification will empower students to contribute to sustainability culture on campus.

To apply for Green Living Certification, students fill out an online survey, which asks questions about sustainable practices students follow. These actions include turning off the lights when leaving the room, using CFLs or LED lights, and participating in Sustainable Move Out. Each item in the survey has been assigned a point value. The points are then added up to get a score. In addition to a basic point count, some specified actions are required to attain any level of certification (for example, recycling, composting in Upper and Lower Wismer, etc.). For Grizzly, our highest level of certification, there are additional, specified actions that are more difficult, that students must be doing.

The survey is designed to help people identify specific actions that they can take to be more sustainable on campus. Some of these actions may be obvious, and some may have never occurred to some folks. We all have things that we can be doing to be more sustainable, so we hope you’ll get on board the sustainability train, take the survey, and find out what kind of bear you are!

Click here to take the survey: https://ursinus.co1.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_3pGfVjYFrO0wmAl