A Better Understanding of Urban Foraging

Associate Professor of Environmental Studies Dr. Patrick Hurley joined with collaborator Dr. Marla Emery, a research geographer with the U.S. Forest Service, to give a presentation on their research examining urban foraging in the New York City area.The presentation in New York focused on the emerging perspectives from ongoing interviews with parks managers and foragers in the city (see http://www.nrs.fs.fed.us/nyc/focus/resilience_health_well_being/urban_foraging/).

urban foragingWhile at the Fort Totten Field Station, Dr. Hurley and Dr. Emery also spoke remotely to the National Capital Area’s Center for Urban Ecology, a unit of the National Park Service based in Washington, D.C. The second talk, entitled “The Growing Phenomenon of Urban Foraging: Preliminary Results from Research in New York City, Philadelphia, and Beyond”  focused on insights gained from ongoing research in New York City by the team and work by Ursinus students on the project here in Philadelphia. It also included completed work by colleagues in Seattle.

As the practice of foraging increases in U.S. cities, many parks managers are working to better understand the practice and the implications it has for policy, management decisions, and what this practice means for people living in the cities and parks where they work. They presented to staff from the Natural Resources Group of the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation (NYDPR) and members of the USFS based at the joint NYDPR/USFS Urban Field Station at Fort Totten in Queens, New York (http://www.nrs.fs.fed.us/nyc/about/).

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