Article Looks at Ed Schools and Liberal Arts

Stephanie Mackler, Associate Professor in the Education Department, had an article published in the journal Educational Studies.

The article, “The Lone Liberal Artists in the Ed School: Reconnecting Foundations Scholars with the Liberal Arts,” begins from the premise that foundations scholars occupy an awkward place in the education school, because the work is predominantly grounded in the liberal arts but the work of other education scholars is predominantly pre-professional, Mackler explains in her abstract. “To create a more meaningful place for foundations in the education school will require better understanding of why the education school has such a strained relationship with the liberal arts,” she writes. The article offers a brief review of this relationship as reflected in current practice and scholarship and offers a historical and sociological explanation for this situation. (Foundations scholars study the philosophy, history, and sociology of education.)

The article concludes with some suggestions for ways that foundations scholars can reconnect with the liberal arts. “Doing so could enhance the position of foundations scholars by broadening our scholarly community and extending the possibilities for the work we do,” writes Dr. Mackler.