Students Help Butterfly Project Take Flight


Eager to present a hands-on nature lesson, Meg Maccaroni 2014 got involved with an innovative project to mentor middle school students. Maccaroni, an Environmental Studies and Spanish double major, has just finished guiding sixth graders at Perkiomen Valley Middle School in creating a butterfly garden. Read More»

At Work on Renewable Energy

Katlyn Lawver 2013 spends her summers installing renewable energy systems including solar PV and thermal, geothermal, radiant floor and wind energy systems. She even built a solar powered golf cart with her father, Allen, at his company in Schaefferstown, Pa. Read More»

Inside the United Nations

Ursinus students took part in a historic moment recently when members of the United Nations Security Council met with several hundred students from colleges and high schools around the world to exchange views on the major global issues of their generation. Read More»

Business Major Takes His Bike Share on the Road

It’s one thing for a student to start a club or program on campus. It’s quite a different challenge to take that program and turn it into a business. Senior Ray Clarke is doing just that, taking the Ursinus Bike Share on the road. At least two other area colleges have signed on. Read More»

International Relations Major Whitney Mayer ’12 to Live in China

A seasoned traveler, Whitney Mayer 2012 has been to England, France, Wales, Ireland, Netherlands, and Belgium. And this summer the Pittsburgh native will add a new name to the growing list of nations she has the good fortune to explore. Mayer was recently awarded the Critical Language Scholarship through the U.S. State Department to study in China for the summer. She leaves in June. Read More»

At Work in Conservation

As a child, Mariana Bergerson 2002 loved exploring and learning about the natural world around her. Growing up in Philadelphia she found opportunities to explore in local city parks. Today she is a park ranger making a career out of studying and protecting wildlife as well as educating the public about conservation. Read More»

Human Rights the Focus of Recent Visit to U.N.

The Hon. Joseph H. Melrose recently accompanied several Ursinus students to the United Nations in New York City. The trip, the Fifth Annual Emilio Mignone Lecture, was an opportunity to learn more about the topic of transitional justice and featured speakers.  “This was a great opportunity for a group of Ursinus students interested in Social Justice to hear from two of the leading practitioners in the field of Human Rights about some of the problems they have encountered in their careers,” says Melrose, Acting U.S. Representative for Management and Reform at the United States Mission to the United Nations. Read More»

Aakash Shah ’10 Is Ursinus’s First Rhodes Scholar

2010 Ursinus graduate Aakash K. Shah, of Cliffside Park, N.J. is Ursinus’s first Rhodes Scholar, it was announced by the Rhodes Trust. Shah is now in his first year at Harvard Medical School. Shah graduated in May with distinguished honors research in sociology and honors research in biology and neuroscience. He received bachelor’s degrees in Biology, Neuroscience and Inequality Studies, with minors in Chemistry and Sociology. Read More»

UC Students Explore Nature in NYC

Some may think of New York City as just a mess of taxi cabs, concrete, and steel high-rises. However, Assistant Professor Patrick Hurley’s Urbanization and Environment class recently got the opportunity to explore the complex interplay between this human-made cityscape and the living environment which grows in and all around it. As Professor Hurley put it, it was a chance “to explore the ways nature is woven into the urban fabric of a city like New York.” Read More»

A Gift of Bees

A hive of local honey bees are the newest residents of the Ursinus organic garden. The bees were donated by alumna, Suzanne King 1966, and will be cared for by Environmental Studies students. King took up beekeeping as a hobby with her grandchildren, including Kimberley Bullock, a freshman this year. Read More»