College Visual Identity

The Ursinus College logo was updated in fall 2012.

The new logo replaces the bar and “Est. 1869″ text with just the date 1869. The signature now uses the full name “Ursinus College.”

The Visual Standards Guide provides an explanation of the brand mark, explains the proper and improper use of the mark, and gives examples of the mark on stationery and business cards.

Visual Standards Guide

Digital Files

High-resolution image files are available to use the revised logo in print. These files are in the EPS format and can be used in graphic design programs (such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop) or page layout programs (such as InDesign). Copies in the PNG format are available for use on web pages and in e-mails.

Other Resources

Note: logos for Ursinus College Bears can be found on the Athletics Visual Identity page.