Faculty Good News

An East Asian Studies expert leads a graduate colloquium in Beijing; a Biology Professor is interviewed for a health web site on BPA; and a Media and Communications Studies faculty member is directing a feature-length film. Read More»

Faculty Good News

A teaching set designer has a show opening on Broadway; an English professor presents at a conference; and a Biology faculty member is invited to speak by the EPA at a public health program. Read More»

Biology Professor Quoted at ABC News; Offers Expertise to State Hearing

 Rebecca Roberts, Biology, was interviewed on her research into the use of the chemical bisphenol-A (BPA) by ABC News and the article appears online. During the same week she provided testimony in Harrisburg, in front of the House Democratic Policy Committee about House Bill192, which is aimed at eliminating the use of BPA in baby bottles and other containers used by kids. State Rep. Larry Curry, D-Montgomery/Phila., requested the hearing and served as its co-chairman. Curry has introduced legislation (H.B. 192) that would ban BPA from baby products sold and manufactured in Pennsylvania.

Undergrads in Hands-on Research, Working in Teams

Professor Rebecca (Becky) Kohn has studied how the nervous system works for 14 years. “A main question we are asking is how an active nervous system protects itself from damage,” said Kohn. Some studies have shown if a nervous system is active, it is then protected from insults, such as oxidative stress. Read More»