Boren Scholarship Awarded to Sophomore Grace Buchele

Grace Buchele’s high school experience was a little bit different than that of most American teenagers. Her parents taught in Ghana, West Africa, and she attended a boarding school in Japan. Now exciting news that she has been awarded a prestigious Boren Scholarship means she will return to study in Japan. Read More»

Faculty Good News

An East Asian Studies expert leads a graduate colloquium in Beijing; a Biology Professor is interviewed for a health web site on BPA; and a Media and Communications Studies faculty member is directing a feature-length film. Read More»

East Asian Studies Grad Wins Academic Competition

Nathanael Hood, who graduated in May with a major in East Asian Studies, has won first prize in the joint Phi Alpha Theta/World History Association undergraduate paper competition. His winning paper will be considered for publication by either of the sponsoring organizations. Read More»

East Asian Studies Alum Returns from Fulbright

Joshua Solomon 2008 majored in East Asian Studies with a minor in Japanese and Music. He is studying at the University of Chicago, where he is finishing the second year of a Ph.D. program. After graduating from Ursinus, Solomon left on a yearlong Fulbright Fellowship to Tsugaru, Japan. His research topic was Tsugaru-jamisen, a kind of three-stringed banjo, and the community of people who play it. Read More»

Traditional Japanese Folk Music

Joshua Solomon 2008 is a graduate student at The University of Chicago’s East Asian Literatures and Civilizations Program. After graduation from Ursinus, Solomon was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to study the history of a Japanese instrument called a Tsugaru-jamisen. He describes it as, “a kind of three-stringed Japanese banjo. Read More»