Alum Working in the Cardiology Division of CHOP

We recently caught up with young alum Shannon O’Malley 2006 after she was pictured in The Philadelphia Inquirer article, “Surviving with Heart”.  Shannon is currently an Exercise Physiologist at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  She is very excited about her career path and credits Ursinus with helping her to develop the necessary framework to be successful.   Read More»

Dr. Borsdorf Secures Grant from the CDC

Dr. Laura Borsdorf secured a $125,000.00 Center for Disease Control grant in conjunction with the PA Department of Education to develop and disseminate programs and curriculum geared at increasing physical activity and decrease obesity and other hypokinetic diseases within the pa k-12 SCHOOLS. Read More»

Professors Bike to Raise Awareness of Childhood Obesity

ESS Professors Bike To Raise Awareness for Obesity

What to do about childhood obesity? Lead by example. One group, The Pennsylvania State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreations and Dance (PSAHPERD) is doing just that by encouraging active healthy lifestyles for families in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Read More»

ESS Adjunct plays harp for banquet at Olympic venue

Along with her duties of teaching Tai Chi, Self Defense, and Chinese Martial Arts classes at Ursinus College, adjunct instructor Betsy Chapman is a superb harpist. Her most recent notable venue was at the close of the London Olympic Games. Read More»

Outstanding in the Field

Opposing teams fear senior forward Alyssa Thren. The Bears’ field hockey star is used to being shadowed around the field. This became especially obvious in a game against Haverford on October 5. Read More»