Study Abroad Led to Physiology Research Fellowship

Kaitlyn Kennard

Kaitlyn Kennard, Class of 2012, is an American Physiological Society Undergraduate Research Fellow. Her passion for physiology was ignited when, as  a sophomore, she studied abroad in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico with two Ursinus biology professors, and became interested in the science of the function of living systems. Read More»

’11 Grad Gains Foundation for Leadership as Philly Fellow

Kristin Daly-Barnes will take her Ursinus community-building experiences to Philadelphia. The 2011 graduate will join the next generation of civic leadership when, as a Philly Fellow, she becomes part of the solution to the city’s most pressing social problems. She credits the Ursinus faculty with her desire to promote change. Read More»

English Major on Way to a Ph.D. With Prestigious Fellowship

Melissa Pankake learns from the past, but is excited about the future. An English major with a passion for the Medieval, Melissa, the recent Class of 2011 Valedictorian from Lebanon Pa, is headed to Princeton University with a prestigious graduate fellowship, one of two each year offered by the Council of Independent Colleges. She will pursue a Ph.D. in English with a concentration in medieval literature. Read More»

Watson Fellow Back from Middle East

Kelsey Threatte 2009, recipient of the prestigious Watson Fellowship, recently returned to Ursinus to share her experience with students interested in the program.  Every year the Watson Foundation funds motivated students like Kelsey to pursue a full year of independent study in an area about which they are deeply passionate. Kelsey’s project was entitled “Voice and Veil: The Power and Impact of Arab Women Poets on Society” and she set out to discover and interview women poets in the countries of United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco, Oman, and Spain. Read More»