Kick-Starting Careers

The lazy days of summer? Not so for many Ursinus students. Instead, they spent their break developing skills, building their networks, and exploring their future career paths through professional internships. Read More»

Choosing Philadelphia as a Spring Break Destination

Many students return to school with spring break memories of various trips to Florida, Jamaica, and other warm locations. But for one Ursinus student, spring break was not spent lounging in the sun. Alison Poandl took part in an alternative spring break, “Campus Philly Alternative Spring Break,” where she spent five days in Center City, North Philadelphia, Germantown, and Allegheny West,  immersed in community service. Read More»

Identifying Sea Life, Student Works for Conservation in NJ

The male pipefish, a true egalitarian, carries eggs deposited by the female. And like its relative, the seahorse, male pipefish are equipped to shoulder most of the parenting tasks. Once the offspring are born, they hide from predators by attaching to sea grass and swaying with the grasses as the water rocks them back and orth. Such is the spectacle of nature. And Lauren McGrath 2012 spent her summer watching it unfold in the low tidal waters of Corson’s Inlet, New Jersey. Read More»