Using Math to Combat Pests in Agriculture

Cara Sulyok 2015 didn’t love math as a middle school student. But one of her teachers saw Sulyok’s potential, applied innovative teaching techniques to spark her interest, and soon math was a passion. Now a rising senior, Sulyok wrestles with complex mathematical methods including, non-linear systems of differential equations, scramble competition approaches, sensitivity analysis, Pontryagin’s Maximum Principle, computer simulations, and optimal control theory (OCT). Read More»

Students Find Math…Everywhere

Math Poster Presentation

Every year, students in Math for the Liberal Arts, a class that focuses on students who do not major in a science, are given the opportunity to create posters that demonstrate the ways in which math impacts something meaningful to them. Poetry, art, golf, lacrosse, shopping and numerology were among the themes found at this semester’s exhibition. Read More»

Work on Semantic Web, Wireless Sensors, is Recognized

Michelle Tanco 2014

At Ursinus, Michelle Tanco 2014 has explored the “semantic web,” wireless sensor networks, and interned at a company where she learned several new technologies. She is the recipient of an Upsilon Pi Epsilon scholarship award based on her academic record, extracurricular activities, and recommendations.   Read More»