Examining the Right to Bear Arms

As national headlines simmer on gun violence and gun rights, Tony Sierzega 2014 has been spending his summer examining the Second Amendment. More precisely, he is looking at the legal scholarship and politics behind the individual and collective right interpretations of this section of the United States Constitution.  Read More»

The Moral Injuries of War

Doug Hickey 2014

The moral injuries sustained by veterans unable to cope with life after battle is a topic that deserves to be examined more closely, says Douglas Hickey 2014. As his Summer Fellows project he is studying the moral consequences of killing in war as well as the origins of military ethics and the deliberation of ethical decision making in the military. Read More»

The Rules for Creating Chant; Comparing Two Styles

Hailey Blessing 2014

Hailey Blessing’s interest in chant-style singing began last spring while studying in Florence, Italy. Her Summer Fellow’s research is examining two different styles of world chant and hoping to find what acoustical considerations affected compositional rules. Read More»

Students Attend Symposium with Research Mentor Roberts

Summer Fellow Matt Hope and HHMI FUTURE Mentor Andrew Kane attended the Ploegh Symposium at the Whitehead Institute at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with their research mentor, Associate Professor Rebecca Roberts (Biology and BCMB).  Read More»

2012 Summer Fellows Symposium

Ursinus Summer Fellows decided to forgo traditional hot-weather activities in favor of concentrated one-on-one research with faculty mentors, and offered a look at their projects on July 20. Read More»

Conference Presentations for Philosophy Student

Recent graduate Ross Whitehurst 2012, who was a Summer Fellow in Philosophy, presented his paper, “Hallucination: Beyond the Veil of Perception,” at two undergraduate philosophy conferences: Truman State University in Kirksville, Mo., and SUNY Oneonta, N.Y. Following his presentation at Truman State, he was asked to present to first year philosophy students there, and did so via Skype.