Potato Bug Packs a Punch; Math Student Fights Back with Numbers

Karissa Smith

Senior Karissa Smith’s distinguished honors research paper weaves differential equations with biological data to examine what happens when plant diversity increases or decreases. The results just might help alfalfa farmers fend off pesky (and ravenous) insects and fight a million-dollar agriculture problem. Read More»

Watson Winner To Explore ‘Peaceable Kingdoms’

Watson Fellow Maeve Sutherland

Senior Maeve Sutherland will travel the globe for a year exploring “Peaceable Kingdoms: Pacifist Communities and the Quest for Utopia.” Sutherland, from Schwenksville, Pa., is one of only four students from Pennsylvania colleges to be named a Watson Fellow for 2012-2013. Read More»

Greg Martell Named ECAC Defensive Player of the Year

Greg Martell

Football has captivated Greg Martell since he was a fourth-grader playing for Saint Michael’s Giants in Levittown. For the Ursinus football captain, the uncompromising physical demands and rigors of defensive strategy are, wait for it, fun. Read More»

Outstanding in the Field

Opposing teams fear senior forward Alyssa Thren. The Bears’ field hockey star is used to being shadowed around the field. This became especially obvious in a game against Haverford on October 5. Read More»

Summer Fellow Accepted to International Conference

The 6th International Conference on Design Principles and Practices has accepted a proposal by senior Sam Snodgrass of Taylor, Pa., and his faculty mentor April Kontostathis, as a result of a Summer Fellows project, “Building a 3D Frame in Multiple Environments.” The conference will be at UCLA in January. Read More»

Neuroscience Research in Summer

Summer Neuroscience Research

As Summer Fellows, Christopher Howard 2012 and Jennilyn Weber 2013 continued research they began in the spring in the lab of Dr. Carlita Favero. Especially interesting to the team is studying the development in mouse embryos that have been prenatally exposed to ethanol. Read More»

Summer Fellows Finding Alternative Ways to Reduce Pesticides

During one of the hottest summers on record, Nate Simasek 2012 trudged through open fields at a local alfalfa farm. He was studying the impact of a lime-green colored insect, only 1/8 of an inch in size. The leafhopper eats by injecting its saliva into plants, which interferes with the growth of the plant. Though small, potato leafhoppers can ravage crops. Simasek, Biology major and a Summer Fellow, was focused on finding alternative pest management strategies to reduce pesticide use. Read More»