4 thoughts on “Ursinus Magazine Archives

  1. In the latest issue of Ursinus Magazine, you published an article about Alumni Blogs. I graduated from Ursinus in 1963 and would love add my blog to the list you already have. The address is Lifewithcharlieandterry.blogspot.com. Is there a more complete list of blogs?

  2. Thank you for the extra copy of the Magazine with the story about the African singer and the International Relations Club presentation. I appreciate it.

    Ray Hamilton
    Class of 1957

  3. I can identify one diner on the back cover of your Spring 2012 Issue. The very attractive blonde in the left side of the photo and in front of the window is my mother, Marjorie Justice Helfferich ’51. I’m pretty sure the building is Freeland Hall, which served as the dining hall before Wismer. Thanks for the memories.

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