Ursinus Magazine Winter 2013

Winter’s wind and cold have blown in a fresh issue of Ursinus Magazine.  This first issue of 2013 celebrates the academic rigor of students immersed in the Independent Learning Experience.   Find out more about this singular program in the story Big Projects, Small College, an article that reveals the college’s mission of shaping students though research, internships and study abroad.  We profile extraordinary Ursinus alumni Nik Stasulli 2009.  A Perfect Match explores Stasulli’s decision to volunteer for a donor registration drive and ultimately become a blood stem cell donor for a young patient battling leukemia. And in Field Notes you can untangle the messages that lie behind art, with a profile of Matthew Shoaf, Associate Professor of Art History. Shoaf explains his research in fourteenth-century Italian art and says the sculptures and paintings of the time were sending a stern message of obedience to a rising middle class. Enjoy this issue!

2 thoughts on “Ursinus Magazine Winter 2013

  1. Please let me know when the Spring 2013 edition is up. I loved the article called “Faith Forward”! It was refreshing to read an inspirational story that gives credit to God.

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